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A perfect checklist tool to evaluate the potential of your business and investments

Estimate your potential earnings and the value of your business

Goldsmith Model ®

It offers entrepreneurs and investors a roadmap to help each business move forward optimally, step by step, validating each stage, maximizing its potential and obtaining, at each stage of development, the capital needed to grow. In recent years, this model has contributed to create more than 1000 high potential businesses, which have obtained more than 600 million dollars of private investment.



+600 M




Find out how we analyze companies

The Goldsmith ® Investment Methodology helps us select top businesses.

Evaluate the strength of your business.
Track the progress of the business, the elevator pitch, the risks and its capacity to enter the US market.
Use our quick analysis to asses a business.
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Analysis tools

Estimate business potential and strength

Investor analysis

Evaluate each business as an investor in a fast and systematized way



Evaluate the main business risk factors that affect valuation



5 different valuation methods to estimate the worth of a business



Get a real picture of the progress of each business in order to properly evaluate its growth and investment possibilities

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