1st Regulated Platform in Spain that tokenizes the investments

1st Regulated Platform in Spain that tokenizes the investments

Now you can get tokens for your assets so you can sell them more easily

We select for you the best businesses

We select for you the
best businesses

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Looking for funding? Schedule an online meeting

Looking for funding?
Schedule an online meeting

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Advantages of investing with Adventurees

Work with a team of professionals fully committed to making things happen

Los mejores proyectos

We choose the best projects for you

All companies meet strict quality and staying power criteria.
Invierte de forma segura

You invest safely

We guarantee the legality, transparency and correct execution of the operation.

You participate in the project's profits

You can join the project by acquiring shares in the company or as a lender.

You choose which hands your money goes to

You invest directly in the projects of your choice and without management costs.

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We are an EU-regulated VC firm focusing on blue-chip artworks coming from the top 100 global artists. Our art funds are offering diversification from Theme based collections in a mid/long-term revaluation to overcome inflation
30 Remaining days

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Roots N' Joy

Roots N' Joy

El Eventbrite de los micro eventos para los amantes de la gastronomía y de la vida sana. 
Santa Cruz de Tenerife


SHIFU operador de tiendas del sector regalo con experiencia de más de 10 años; Con más de 320 tiendas en 9 países ha decidido dar el salto a España con un proyecto ambicioso para implantar 70 tiendas propias en 5 años.
Slow Philosophy

Slow Philosophy

We connect empty fields and degraded soils with those who can cultivate them, using the most disruptive technology on the market and with the support of our AI tool (Insight), who decides the best option.
Orce (Granada) - España

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Reserve your investment
Specify the amount to be invested and sign the disbursement agreement (no payment required at this stage).
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Make the disbursement
Once you make the deposit, it is held in an Adventurees custodian account. You can pull back at any moment before the final contracts are signed.
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Finalize the investment
Sign the final contracts and Adventurees will transfer the money to the company.

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