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Process for obtaining investment

We work with you all the way through

We get to know you, understand your business and your funding needs.
Services Agreement
We sign the service agreement, which includes the work process, the confidentiality agreement and the fees.
Investment committee
Our experts analyse and validate the operation before it's made public.
Investor outreach
We publish your project on our platform, where investors can invest easily and securely
Preparation and signing of contracts with investors
Once the funding goal has been reached we draw the contracts and manage investor signings.
When the final agreement is signed, we transfer the funds raised to you.

Investment modalities

These are the investment modalities offered by our platform

Préstamo clásico


You offer an attractive interest to the investor

Capital social


You offer shares of your business


The best opportunities for your business

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Issuance design and planning

+ 2.000€, deductible (*)
  • Economic design of the investment proposal.
  • Preparation of investment contracts and, where appropriate, tokenization (**)
  • Review of communication materials: information sheet, presentation, content, etc.

(*) In the case of subsequent "Issuance Execution", this amount will be deducted from the cost thereof.
(**) Tokenizing the investment on blockchain means issuing "Tokens" that represent, in a digital, secure and immutable way, the investment rights.

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Issuance execution

+1.5% of the funding round (upon succesful completion, €6000 minimum)
  • This includes the operational management of the round, disbursements, preparation and signing of investment contracts and, where appropriate, creation and distribution of tokens.
+ 0.25% of the managed loans per year (minimum €2,000 / year).
  • For loans, the cost is 0.5% of the volume managed per year.

(*) Payment gateway cost included.

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Ancillary services

+ Request bespoke quote
  • Company valuation
  • Design of the investor proposal
  • Preparation of communication materials for investors
  • Design, marketing and advertising of the project
  • Other advisory services

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