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Choose where to invest
Register for free to learn about businesses we select for investment, evaluated with our Goldsmith Score ®. Send them your questions through the forum and schedule your meeting with the team.
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Reserve your investment
Specify the amount to be invested and sign the disbursement agreement (no payment required at this stage).
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Make the disbursement
Once you make the deposit, it is held in an Adventurees custodian account. You can pull back at any moment before the final contracts are signed.
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Finalize the investment
Sign the final contracts and Adventurees will transfer the money to the company.

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The Goldsmith ® Investment Methodology helps us select top businesses.

Evaluate the strength of your business.
Track the progress of the business, the elevator pitch, the risks and its capacity to enter the US market.
Use our quick analysis to asses a business.
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