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lending club
Co-invest in loans
It makes loans at interest rates between 5% and 13% per year.
Comprehensive risk analysis
Carefully selected opportunities after an exhaustive risk analysis and the approval of our Investment Committee, made up of sector specialists.
Possibility of "Tokenizing your debt" on Blockchain for greater security and liquidity
angel club
Co-invest in startups
High risk but higher potential return (> 20% per year).
Demanding selection of opportunities
Opportunities analyzed with the criteria of robustness and investment attractiveness of the Goldsmith ® Model and the approval of our Investment Committee, formed by Business Angels and sector experts.
Possibility to "tokenize your investment" on Blockchain for greater security and liquidity

Advantages of investing with Adventurees

Invest with the support of the technologies, methodologies, legal support and operational ease of Adventurees.

Los mejores proyectos

We choose the best projects for you

All initiatives have surpassed a minimum standard of quality and robustness
Invierte de forma segura

Invest safely

We convey the investment guaranteeing the legality, transparency and rigour of the operation.

Participate in the profitability of the project

You can join the project by acquiring shares in the company or as a lender.

You choose which hands your money goes to

You invest directly in the projects of your choice and without management costs.

More benefits...

Invitation to private committees according to investment preferences.
Legal, financial and fiscal procedures of the investment.
Legal support. Investment syndication for Business Angels groups.
Operational support. Automation of loan payment collection.
Tokenization of investment for more security and liquidity.
Get to know our Goldsmith® Model ®️ for the analysis of investment opportunities

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