1st Regulated Platform in Spain that tokenizes the investments

1st Regulated Platform in Spain that tokenizes the investments

Now you can get tokens for your assets so you can sell them more easily

We select for you the <br />best businesses

We select for you the
best businesses

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Looking for funding? <br />Schedule an online meeting

Looking for funding?
Schedule an online meeting

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Los mejores proyectos

We choose the best projects for you

All initiatives have surpassed a minimum standard of quality and robustness
Invierte de forma segura

Invest safely

We convey the investment guaranteeing the legality, transparency and rigour of the operation.

Participate in the profitability of the project

You can join the project by acquiring shares in the company or as a lender.

You choose which hands your money goes to

You invest directly in the projects of your choice and without management costs.

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Be Ambassador es una plataforma SaaS B2B que permite crear y gestionar redes de embajadores de marca. BeA permite segmentar los tipos de embajadores y prepararles contenido que pueden difundir en sus rrss profesionales o personales.
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