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Empowering players to earn money by playing
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Triple O Games is in Pre-Campaign and will soon launch its online round. Click on the "Reserve investment" button and we will notify you of the opening of the campaign so you can formalize your investment.
  • Triple O Games designs video games that incorporate new monetization formulas based on blockchain, such as "Play2Earn" or "GameFi" that allows players to own their digital assets and earn money with them.


    How is it possible for players to make money with Triple O Games' games?


    The games are designed in such a way that the best players earn in-game coins. These coins allow them to acquire digital assets (e.g. attractive or fast cars), which are revalued and can be sold on the marketplace and exchanged for legal tender (euros, dollars). 


    Project summary: Triple O Games offers players the powerful incentive of earning money by playing, thus improving their retention and loyalty, and thus incentivizing a virtuous circle that increases, in turn, gaming revenues.


    Blockchain technology serves to secure the ownership and transactions of both digital currencies and assets. More specifically, the technology provides users with:


    1. NFTs: Free trade of the assets obtained from gambling exchangeable for legal tender.
    2. Play2Earn and GameFi: Monetizable rewards through a meritocratic progression system.
    3. Governance: Players can now decide on the development of the game.
    4. Freedom, reliability, security, transparency and ownership rights to the player.
    5. Proof of scarcity and exclusivity of game assets.





    For the validation of this new monetization model, Triple O Games has developed its first video game, Battle Derby.



    Battle Derby is a mobile blockchain game that combines an accessible arcade driving experience with the challenge and strategy of Battle Royale and other classic game modes. Battle Derby brings blockchain technology to the mobile gaming ecosystem. Its innovative Play & Earn and GameFi approach combines fun with the ability to earn money.


    The feeling you will get playing Battle Derby will be very similar to the experiences of Free To Play MOBA games, adding multiple different game modes that will make the experience unique.


    Battle derby is a game that mixes the intrinsic motivation of playing a game for the own ludic interest of being entertained and the extrinsic motivation of playing to earn money for skill and commitment, in a totally legal, fair and transparent way for the player.


    It is specifically designed to test Triple O Games' new business model. In Battle Derby players drive cars, in search of coins, across an open terrain, compete against other vehicles to steal theirs and, in the end, only one can survive. The winner of the game gets the pot of coins collected in that game. These coins are exchangeable for other digital goods such as car upgrades or to buy other vehicles that can then be sold in the marketplace, so that for the player, each coin has a real value that can be translated into legal tender.


    However, Battle Derby defends this new P2E model in an improved form: "Our priority is for players to have fun. Games are a source of entertainment and their goal is for players to have fun. Most of today's P2E games have forgotten the definition of "Play" and focus only on "Win". For us, the most important aspect is Battle Derby's progression system, which is based on a balance between players' intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.


    Intrinsic motivation is determined by fun, curiosity, self-expression, interest and enjoyment of the game. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation is anything that is achieved by performing the task, such as prizes, money or rewards.


    Many current games with the P2E model focus all their attention on extrinsic motivation, i.e., on the prize or "win". Thus, without investors, these games cannot be sustained in the long run, as there is nothing else to increase the player's motivation. At TripleOGames we are changing the concept of "play to win" to "play and win".


    You can find much more information in the whitepaper:

  • Reasons to invest

    Why invest in Triple O Games if I want to invest in the Battle Derby game token?


    By investing in this round you will have the future option to redeem it for Battle Derby tokens or equity in the company, we explain it to you:


    If you are a crypto investor, we give you the possibility to redeem the convertible note for Battle Derby tokens with 50% discount compared to the pre-IDO price, for example the token we issued at $1, the investor of this STO round will be able to redeem it at $0.50 with the amount invested in this round. This way you have the option of liquidity in the secondary market.


    On the other hand, if you are a traditional startup investor, you will be happy to know that tokenizing the convertible note gives you more liquidity options to sell your options to acquire shares thanks to blockchain technology. You no longer need to wait for the founders to sell to get profitability! Token City is a marketplace that complies with all the regulations to be able to do this within the Spanish regulatory framework. In any case, remember that the investment is convertible into equity capital of the company at any time.


    Get much more information here:


    What about the NFTs?


    In this round there are 100 NFTs exclusive to the Battle Derby game. For every 10,000 euros invested, you will get one NFT of this exclusive and limited collection in return.


    With these options you have a range of possibilities to get a return on your investment in the way you want.

Our team is a group of veteran game, technology and innovation developers who are characterized by giving new innovative and disruptive ideas through meaningful entertainment and gaming experiences, creating high-tech solutions that we implement in high quality games.


We have worked for and with Triple-A game companies such as Ubisoft's Massive, Activision, Konami, Sony's Guerrilla, Sega's Creative Assembly and Microsoft for successful Indie game studios such as Mojang, Taleworlds Entertainment, Fatshark, Oxeye Studios and Housemarque. On the entertainment side, we have worked with major entertainment companies such as Disney, Warner, Marvel, DC, Mattel, Paws (Garfield) and Crayola.


Team members

Isidro Quintana Ravelo

Cofundador, CEO y Director de Arte

More of 13 years in the audiovisual and technological innovation industry. Some of its milestones are: winner of the Best Startup award in the Canary Islands, have made several investment rounds, build a successful video game company Promineo Studios (Exit), work with the best entertainment companies such as Disney, Warner, Marvel, DC, Mattel, Activision, Garfield and Crayola, get a world-class game from Apple and show an indie game as one of the best in the world in 2015 at PaxEAST, be a TED lecturer or have won a Goya with an animation film. 

He studied graphic design and audiovisual communication at CICE, Blockchain at Oxford and conflict resolution at Stanford University. 

He is currently a founding member of the Oxford blockchain foundation

Ricardo Varela

CTO & Cofundador

Computer Engineer graduated with Extraordinary Award (Summa Cum Laude) and with 9 years of professional experience, including IA research projects to assist in cancer prevention. Specializing in game development, his hobby for over 20 years, he made his own game engine to enter the industry. He has worked on medium and Triple-A games, PCs and consoles, gameplay and basic technology. Some credits include The Division at Ubisoft Massive by Tom Clancy, Assassin's Creed Chronicles for Ubisoft, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PC port for Konami, Harry Potter Wonderbook game license for Sony and EyePet & Friends at Climax Studios for Sony London. Ricardo has quit his AAA gaming career to co-found this new company.

Steven Dobesh

Business Development

Previously, he worked at the Pentagon, being Joint Chief of Staff, as Chief of Technology and Innovation for the Logistics Directorate. In that role, he was the Blockchain Staff Joint Thematic Expert, designed and directed the first Department of Defense blockchain pilot to secure the digital thread of additive manufacturing (3D printing) and established and directed the Department of Defense's only Community of Interest in blockchain focused on widespread adoption and implementation. Steven routinely gives industry speeches on DoD's use of blockchain. Prior to his assignment to the Pentagon, Steven was a Navy pilot. He has more than 17 years of military and leadership experience, including multiple deployments in the Middle East, Western Pacific and South America. Co-founder and president of True-Tickets Leveraging Hyperledger Blockchain technology, True Tickets is a secure ticket provider that connects artists and fans.

Montse Guardia

Blockchain Advisor

General Manager of Alastria, the largest Blockchain consortium in Spain, with 20 years of experience in programme management and innovative operations. Montse has dedicated the last 5 years to building bridges between Start-ups and global Corporations, working closer to teams that approach the use of cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurial skills as a means to offer new service models. It has carried out organizational transformation programs. Prior to her current position at Banco Sabadell, as Director of Software Engineering Services at Technip, she led a global team to globally manage the IT project portfolio, providing key strategic business software applications as needed. Previously, she was Director of Operations for Atos Origin South America, and has been responsible for managing IT services for major events (4 Olympic Games, Pan American Games, several World Cups and UN Summit). She has work and life experience in 7 countries and 4 continents. She is a regular contributor to mentoring programmes and a staff member of social innovation programmes.

Raul Kripalani

Blockchain Advisor

Blockchain, Distributed Systems and Data Engineer with more than 10 years experience in Open Source. Working as main Engineer in Protocol Labs, working in libp2p. He is PMC in Apache Camel and Apache Ignite. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom (FIRST, equiv. Summa Cum Laude). He is the founder of the EthQL project at ConsenSys, a GraphQL interface extensible to Ethereum. He has worked with: Audi, Richemont, Vodafone, Telenor, Rhätische Bahn, Avinor, Statnett, Red Hat, GÉANT (EU project), GridGain, Interdiscount, Telefónica, Canary Islands Government, Swisscom, Atresmedia (Antena 3), Cabildo de Tenerife, Universidad de Chile, Sobrado AG, Xchanging, TOP-TOY A/S.

Xavier Verdaguer

Inovation advisor

He is a serial entrepreneur, expert in innovation and e-commerce. Born in Barcelona and located in Silicon Valley, in the last 16 years he has started numerous technological companies based on innovation. In 1997 he founded his first company, TMT Factory, and BCN Media, which offers software and communication services. The onset of the crisis in the technology sector in 2001 took the company to an international level with more than 50 employees and clients such as Gas Natural. Deutsche Bank, Barceló and JCDecaux. In 2009 he left his position as director and in 2010 he launched his first company in Palo Alto, Innovalley, a company that develops intelligent objects combining the creativity of Barcelona with the latest American technology. He also founded a software development company and the Imagine Creativity Center in Silicon Valley, whose main objective is to generate disruptive ideas to change the world and the way we live.

Sebastien van der Geld

Gaming Advisor

President of the E-Sports and Gaming Foundation of the Netherlands. He has extensive experience in IT, business and law. He has experience working as an IT Business Analyst and acted as an ambassador for Blockchain. He also has experience representing an EU Media Association before the European institutions (European Parliament, European Commission) on issues such as intellectual property, network neutrality and privacy. He has training and qualifications in European law (LL.B) and Dutch law (LL.M). His research focused specifically on the legal status and licensing of virtual assets in video games such as Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. He recently completed Oxford Said's Business School: Blockchain Strategy Programme and is one of the founding members of the Oxford Blockchain Foundation.

Cristian Quintana


Finishing his degree in Business Administration from the University of La Laguna. Specific knowledge in areas such as Human Resources or market and accounting studies. He is currently in charge of the administration area.

you can find more about our team here:

Project documents

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Investment proposal

Investment proposal summary:

The investment is channeled as a Loan, in which the investors have the right to acquire shares in the company under the following conditions:


First investment offer: 1.500.000€.

Pre-Money Valuation: 10.000.000€. 

% offered: 15


*Once the first offer is completed, we launch a new offer with the following conditions: 

Second investment offer: €500.000

Pre-Money Valuation: €15,000,000 

% offered: 3.33%.

Minimum contribution: 20000€.

Tokenizable investment: Yes 

Token Value: 1 Token = 1 Equity Interest

Modality: Convertible Loan (*)


(*) If the right to convert the loan into share capital is not exercised, the loan will be repaid at an annual nominal interest rate of 6%.

Detailed explanation:

We have finished stage 1, our first Battle Derby video game is ready to be released and the metrics have been promising. We move on to phase 2 where we will create the community and add our own token to the game with the following features:


Token: A carefully designed token utility, i.e. players will be rewarded for their skill and game loyalty.
Play 2 earn: As the possibility to trade the NFTs of the game.
GameFi: Now we will be able to have different DeFi features in the game such as: Yield Farming and Staking.
Governance: Having tokens and NFTs will provide political power over game development decisions.
Metaverse: Interoperability between decentralized gaming projects.

This is why we are launching this new round of tokenized investment as STO...


You can find more information here:

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