The Booking of the Language Travel Industry
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  • YNSITU reinvents the global market for international language education which is also known as Language Travel Industry.


    The Spanish entrepreneur Chema Pascual, founder and owner of the 3rd largest agency acting in this market in Spain in terms of turnover (Newlink Education), has created YNSITU, the first marketplace of the world dedicated to this market.


    YNSITU aims to become the B2C world leader in this 12 billion dollar global market, applying the same business model that has made others, such as Booking the undisputed leaders in their markets.


    YNSITU allows schools and accommodation providers operating in this market to sell their services to millions of people around the world who every year wish to travel to another country to learn languages and the vast majority of whom wish to make their bookings online. On YNSITU users can search, compare and book online in the simplest, most convenient and secure way.


    The future B2C world leader in this market is called YNSITU.


    70% of global spending in this market corresponds to young people between 18 and 35 years of age of middle-upper  or upper socioeconomic class who are used to make their purchases online. For the last 10 years, intermediary agencies operating in this market have been gradually losing this segment of customers, although the volume of the market has been growing consistently year after year. 


    What is happening is that users are trying to go directly to the service provider, avoiding intermediary agencies because they are looking for the best price, and they do it on the internet; but unlike the hotel reservations market, for example, where Booking makes it easy to search for hotels, compare and book, in our market, until the arrival of YNSITU, there was no platform in the world that made it easy for users to do this.


    On YNSITU users now have 8,000 courses and 2,000 accommodations in 34 countries to search, compare, choose and book in the simplest, most convenient and secure way, and we are adding new schools, languages and accommodations every day.


    We are already world leaders in internationalization.


    In every country there are many agencies dedicated to this market. Most of them really small businesses. Competition is highly fragmented aroiund the world. Most of these agencies have a national, regional or even local scope, and those that operate in more than one country can hardly be counted on the fingers of one hand. YNSITU is in 18 languages and we are already receiving 14,000 visits per month from 171 countries.


    Our business model is 100% disruptive.


    In addition to the enormous atomization of the competition, there is the surprising fact that all of our competitors operate with an analog business model based on attracting potential customers so that a sales team can make the sales. With that business model it is very difficult, slow and expensive to scale. However, YNSITU's strategy is that of a 100% digital business model that is rapidly scalable to a global level. We apply to our market exactly the same business model that made Booking successful, and just as they were the first in their market, we are pioneers in ours.


    We apply the same strategy that made Amazon successful.


    All competitors focus their efforts on the English language which represents 80% of the market, but very few competitors offer long tail languages which represent 20% of the market. Although we obviously have a very wide offer to study English according to the demand, our product strategy is based on constantly incorporating not only English language schools, but also many other languages to attract also users from this long tail where there is little competition in the first languages of the tail (Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese...) and no competition at all  in the rest of the languages. This is the same market penetration strategy that Amazon used when it started selling books that were not available in any bookstore and has been used by many other successful businesses.  

  • Reasons to invest


    At YNSITU we apply a business model and a market penetration strategy that is absolutely disruptive  and pioneer in our market,  which other ecommerce companies such as Booking or Amazon have already proven to be successful.


    We aspire  to be a global market leader of the Language Travel Industry.  


    YNSITU is led by an entrepreneur  who has already proven that he is capable of succeeding and has done so in this same market where he has been leading Newlink Education for 23 years, the 3rd agency by turnover in this market in Spain. (2019 figures).

  • Pitch deck

Team members

Chema Pascual


University degree in English teaching and a degree in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. Founder of Newlink Education, the 3rd agency dedicated to this market by turnover in Spain (2019 data).

He has been a member of the board of directors of ASEPROCE, the Spanish national association of agencies which operate in this market, from where he promoted the creation of the first Spanish Quality Seal and second in the world which oversees the quality of the services offered by agencies acting in the Spanish market.

As CEO of Newlink Education he has developed many projects within this sector for the Spanish Ministry of Education and the Boards of Education of most of the local governments in Spain.

He has also been the creator of the "QBE for Schools" (Quality Bilingual Education for schools). A program to implement quality bilingual education primary and secondary schools.

Finally, he is also chairman of the Newlink Foundation, whose mission is to help children who live in poverty to get out of that poverty through education.

Main shareholder of Ynsitu (75%).

Georgina Espinoza

Product Development Manager

Georgina has a degree in Business Administration. She has extensive experience in this market as prior to joining YNISTU she worked as Product Manager at Newlink Education where she was responsible for establishing relationships with schools and accommodation providers all over the world.

At YNSITU she is responsible for one of the three basic areas of the business: The Product.

Her responsibilities include:

Attrack schools and accommodation providers to YNSITU.
Manage the relationships with them.
Control the quality of the services delivered by them.
Develop the product strategy to incorporate also suppliers of optional services demanded by our users: flights, airport transfers, leisure activities, travel insurance ...

Fernando Aznar


International Business Management.

More than 12 years occupying managerial positions in companies in the field of new technologies. As a multifaceted professional he has assumed throughout his career the most varied tasks within the areas of marketing, commercial management and business development and has had the privilege of participating in the development of successful ecommerce projects that occupy leading positions in their respective sectors.

His current responsibility as CMO of YNSITU is the planning, development and execution of the company's marketing plan.

He is a minor shareholder.

Julián Mesa

Tech lead

Computer Engineer. Professional with 13 years of experience in the world of technology development. He has extensive experience as a full stack developer, scrum master and product owner. He has also been an entrepreneur, which has allowed him to combine his technological vision with his business vision and because of this he is able, not only to transfer to the development of technology the needs and business objectives of the company, but to enrich them from his mastery of the possibilities that technology can bring to the business.

He will become a shareholder upon the successful launch of the 2.0 version of YNSITU.

Además del equipo directivo integrado por las personas  mencionadas anteriormente, en Ynsitu trabajan otras 6 personas.  Dos en el equipo de marketing, una en soporte al cliente y 3 en el equipo de desarrollo.

Project documents

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of students cross Spanish borders and travel to other countries for language immersions abroad. In 2018, a total of 120,000 students decided to go outside Spain for language training, 20% more than those who did so in 2017, according to data from the Spanish Association of Promoters of Courses Abroad (Aseproce).

Language training abroad constitutes a booming sector with turnover figures in the millions. In 2017, language learning abroad moved nearly $12 billion, according to Study Travel Magazine. Of that figure, 9 billion corresponds to English language learning; 2.5 to Spanish; and the rest to other languages. Language immersions are much more than just language courses: in addition to the training, there are travel costs; accommodation in residences, host families or hotels; and other expenses derived from the stay abroad. Spending a week abroad learning another language costs, on average, 500 euros.

To make it easier for users to organize their trip, the Ynsitu platform has just been launched, a spin-off of the Aragonese company Newlink, where they can search for and compare schools and accommodation and make reservations directly with each service provider, avoiding commissions from intermediary agencies. Precisely, last Thursday the Chamber of Commerce of Huesca, Chamber of Spain, and Banco Santander awarded Newlink for this project with the Accésit Digitalization and Innovation. An important recognition to the commitment of this Aragonese company to improve competitiveness by incorporating technological innovations for the development and improvement of management, as well as the quality of their training products.


We are sure you agree that knowing languages for business is essential. According to data from ASEPROCE (Spanish Association of Promoters of Courses Abroad), the pandemic has not slowed down the desire of Spaniards to study abroad and in 2021, 18,000 students did so, compared to 20,000 in 2020. YNSITU, the first marketplace dedicated to language courses abroad, was born out of this need.

It is called Ynsitu and it is indeed the first portal on the Spanish and worldwide web. Last year more than 120,000 Spaniards went abroad to study languages outside Spain, an increase of 20% compared to 2018. Language training abroad constitutes a booming sector with turnover figures in the millions.... That's why Ynsitu, a portal that makes it easy for students to organize their trip, from searching and comparing courses, booking accommodation or managing visas and taking out insurance.

Its CEO, Chema Pascual, explains all the details. 

Ynsitu has become the world's first "market place" dedicated to language courses abroad. It is a platform in the purest "Booking" style with which the student can design his or her customized language adventure. Ynsitu was born out of the need to innovate and adapt to changing times, something that is not always easy. "I have been in this sector for 21 years and I have seen an evolution in many markets, but never in this one", says Chema Pascual, CEO of Ynsitu. According to Pascual, there are currently two very distinct segments of clients looking for language learning stays abroad. The first is that of minors, whose parents organize the trip through a traditional agency in most cases. The second is young people between the ages of 18 and 30, who choose to do it through the Internet with a few clicks. "We saw a very important business opportunity by digitizing this model," he adds.

The portal has an offer of 12,9000 courses available in 11 languages, spread across 39 countries and 246 cities, with training in English, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic Italian, Spanish, Korean and Portuguese, among others. Since its launch at the end of 2019, the portal has already received more than 60,000 visits, coming from 53 different countries.

In addition, it offers travelers numerous complementary services such as 24-hour customer service, every day of the year; personalized advice to avoid making a mistake when choosing a school or accommodation; financing; unlimited medical coverage; and a visa service to process visas quickly and easily. These features give added value to the search engine, which aspires to become the international reference portal for all those who are thinking of traveling abroad to learn languages. In fact, Ynsitu is expected to be launched in the United States and Latin America in 2020. According to Pascual, there is an increasing demand from people who want to do what is known as "language tourism".

¿Cuál es la aspiración de YNSITU?

Nuestro CEO lo explica en este breve video de 33". youtu.be/HKuLmwtu40w

¿Por qué el modelo de negocio de YNSITU es 100% disruptivo en su mercado pero ya de probado éxito en otros mercados?
Nuestro CEO lo explica en este breve video de 66". www.youtube.com/watch
¿Cuál es la estrategia de penetración en el mercado de YNSITU?
Nuestro CEO lo explica en este breve video de 55". youtu.be/2eDR2_JyQO8
¿A qué se va a destinar la inversión captada?
Nuestro CEO lo explica en este breve video de 46". youtu.be/QMQpdckA7II

Investment proposal

Investment proposal summary:

The pre-money valuation of the company is € 2M. It is possible to invest from 500 € which is the value of one share (one token), up to a maximum of 200,000 €, i.e. 400 shares (400 tokens) representing 8.33% of the company.  Until November 30 or until reaching €100,000 we offer a 10% discount on the pre-money valuation.


In these 4 short videos (over 3 minutes in total), our CEO explains everything in person. 


1) Invest now in YNSITU, the future world market leader in the Language Travel Industry (33") https://youtu.be/Qjk_rnDSixw


2) YNSITU is a 100% disruptive business model in our market (66"): https://youtu.be/SIUuCEXD72E


3) We have a unique penetration strategy in our market (55"): https://youtu.be/O01W1ikBnxQ


4) Use of the funds received to guarantee success (46") : https://youtu.be/qVmdTGcNe9E






Detailed explanation:

Interested investors can request access to the Strategic Plan of the company for more information.

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